Is It Okay for Women Like Me to Have Cuckqueaning Fetish?

Most people are unaware of relationships where women love to watch their husbands or boyfriends sleeping with someone else. They’re less common than cuckolds, but these people exist, and we call them cuckqueans.


It’s taboo, and people don’t like talking about it. We can see it in porn, but elsewhere, well, it’s pretty much a forbidden topic. But, hey! It’s the reason we’re here, right? In the following text, we’ll talk you through why it’s okay to enjoy cuckqueaning.

Getting to Know the Cuckqueaning Fetish

Cuckqueaning relationships are ones where a wife or girlfriend watches her man/partner have sex with another woman to satisfy her sexual fantasy. Like all other sexual fetishes, this one offers many advantages for both partners — cuckqueans and hot husbands.

Most people have this notion that women get jealous way easier than men, but it’s not always the case. Watching your man fuck the brains out of some poor slut can get you very, very wet. So, let’s check some advantages of this type of sex life, shall we?


  • Satisfying your fetish — Just like any other, the cuckqueaning fetish needs satisfaction.
  • No adultery — Watching your partner have sex with someone else means that you’re okay with it, and they’re not doing it behind your back.
  • It’s all about your hubby’s satisfaction — If you feel like you can’t please your man as well as he should be pleased, cuckqueaning allows other women to do it for you.

How Is It Different From Cuckolding?

Cuckolding is when a man enjoys watching his wife have sex with another person. He’s a cuck, the woman is a hotwife, and the third person is a bull. Aside from being the opposite of cuckolding, cuckqueaning is also a less talked about fetish. 

When women cheat their men, it’s outrageous. It’s something people don’t talk about in public, as it’s considered shameful. However, when men do it, it’s mostly the good old “boys will be boys” thing. Cuckqueaning, in turn, doesn’t interfere with social norms so much.

Are There Risks and Limits?

Similar to cuckold relationships, cuckqueaning ones pose numerous risks and need certain limits to function the way they should. The first and obvious problem it can introduce to your life is jealousy. Seeing another woman fuck your man can disrupt how you see yourself and your worth. It’s not something everyone can handle, so cuckqueaning isn’t for every woman, no matter how hard you think you are.


Furthermore, there are two additional issues. Men can leave their cuckqueans for cuckcakes if they find them more attractive and better in bed. This fetish is a slippery slope, meaning it can turn against you overnight. The third difficulty you can face as a cuckquean is that this fetish is practically inviting STIs into your home. The chances of a nasty infection or disease skyrocket as soon as you increase the number of participants in a sexual relationship.

Am I Alone With This Fetish?

Although it’s not as common as the cuckold fetish — boys are weirder — many women enjoy this sex act. In fact, there are numerous forums, sites, and subreddits where you can contact others and satisfy your fetish. Of course, you need to agree on it with your partner. And if they consent to fucking other women in front of you, well, the world of cuckqueaning is there to be conquered by the two of you. Okay. The three of you.


Cuckqueaning is an experience many couples enjoy. It can bring back the spark into your sex life, add more excitement, and even help you come up with new ideas. As long as there’s trust involved, there’s no need to worry. It’s a legitimate way of reaching sexual satisfaction, and it’s present across the world. From East to West, many women like being cuckqueans, so don’t feel lonely.

How Do I Handle It?

Like with all other fetishes, it’s essential to define the rules when participating in cuckqueaning. To make sure no one crosses the line, there must be a strict set of limits over which no one will go. That doesn’t mean restricting someone from something, but rather avoiding hurting one another, as jealousy is on the prowl when cuck fetishes are at play.


Setting limits means setting up a safe word. These are important so that you can break the action without anyone being confused. In real life, the cuckquean might come to an idea to join in on the action at some point. You should discuss this beforehand so that it doesn’t disrupt the action. Moreover, couples should also talk about hubby’s and cuckcake’s roles.

It’s Definitely Okay

Being a female partner who derives sexual pleasure from watching her man having sex with another woman is more than okay. In today’s world, not many taboos exist. We watch all kinds of porn, do all sorts of stuff in the bedroom, even behind someone’s back, and we all agree it’s the new normal. Even if some don’t understand this need, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pursue it if it makes you happy. That’s all that matters.


Therefore, if you want to enjoy the female equivalent of cuckolding, who are we to argue differently? You should satisfy your fantasies as long as they’re safe and consensual. And if you want to take things to another level, why not include your hothusband being verbally abusive and dirty talking while cheating on you in front of you? Moreover, why not join in on the action at some point? Threesomes are, after all, more socially acceptable.